AnabelMoney service is a payment service that allows customers to send money, buy and sell products online (e-commerce), enable distributors to get paid instantly (supply chain payment) as well as bill payments, lottery , salary, pension payment etc.
Our philosophy is “Do Not Re-Invent the Wheel”.  AnabelMoney also extends banking services to the unbanked in the form of a virtual bank based on the Anabel MoCharge mobile terminal. Anyone with a mobile phone can sign up for AnabelMoney’s banking services. In our new AnabelMoney model, the mobile phone is the bank.


  • Send/Receive money locally or abroad
  • Pay bills (utility, taxes, salary etc)
  • Open and all comprehensive. Not restricted to a single mobile network.
  • Secure, reliable and Anti Money Laundry compliant
  • Real time transaction and P/L reporting
  • Integration with third parties and payment processors
  • Multi-tiered agent management and administration


  • AnabelMoney implements extensive security modules to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.
  • AnabelMoney, as a smart card based solution would enhance security of data storage and transmission and allow for strong identification.
  • Anabel MoCharge fully supports the following security standards:

            1.         EMV
            2.         ISO 8583
            3.         PCI DSS
            4.         SSL

  • AnabelMoney Anti-fraud modules include:
  • Detect fraud accurately and early,
  • Provide relevant information to fraud analysts just in time,
  • Automate processes where possible,
    Self adapt to changing patterns of fraud